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Fenshav » is that throughout the four huge function display wall,
fenshav - 09 Mars 15 à 07h18 - fenshav
particularly worth mentioning is that throughout the four huge function display wall, with the net effect of pre-line program, frequently flashing a http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/">air jordan 3 soft bright light, the season's flagship product highlights was particularly eye-catching. Those extraordinary dazzling strobe light is not launched by the power, but instead by the innovative flash material on the basis of maintaining beautiful effectively save energy. The environmental technology is widely adopted in the United States, while Li Ning flagship store in Beijing Wangfujing is the first use of Chinese shops in this technology. Li Ning, the former three new flagship store in Beijing Wangfujing in turn divided into men's sports, integrated shoe area, women's sports, urban light sports,

live sports, and sports life, accessories and other products more professional and humane distribution, for consumers pick a style. Distinctive fourth layer, in addition to showing the classic series Li Ning, the more consumers are carefully playing interactive area for shoppers to come to provide a wide range of interactive entertainment experience, and product experience to organize events, or for consumers to rest, exchanges. For the opening of the new store, the Li Ning company representative said: "Over the years, the brand Li Ning is committed to spread the spirit of sports,

promote healthier lifestyles With this innovation hotspots Olympic opportunity, in order to give consumers a more comprehensive and timely into. atmosphere of movement, we proceed from the details of the flagship store, designed to take advantage of all levels to enhance the consumer's sports emotions,
http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/air-jordan-6-retro-c-2_8/">air jordan 6
so that people who love sports more effectively burst to experience the charm of professional sports. In addition, we build a new flagship store in the conceptualization of Li Ning , meaning that for customers to create a non-unitary creative shopping environment, and want to provide real and meaningful consumer experience through technology and design pioneer for consumers. "Li Ning opened a new flagship store in Beijing Wangfujing,
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Fenshav » Li Ning Li Ning flagship store opening marks the company is to
fenshav - 09 Mars 15 à 07h18 - fenshav
adhering to the" Li Ning " the spirit of the movement itself and its advocates, not only for the majority of consumers with the latest and coolest sports and consumer experience, more like a bond, will be closely linked to sport and culture, fashion, experience. Wangfujing Li Ning Li Ning flagship store opening marks the company is to deliver a variety of forms of pure sportsmanship.http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/nike-hypervenom-phantom-c-10_15/">nike hypervenom phantom Recently, Adidas ClimaCool running officially released the new 2012 series of running shoes breeze. Famous actress Yao Chen and Beijing Olympic boxing champion Zou Shiming jointly opened the new season adidas 360 all out effort breathable cool running trip.

Adidas 360 degree ventilation cool running conference by international superstar David Beckham, NBA "Most Valuable Player" Derrick Rose, "World Footballer of the" co-stars such as Lionel Messi kicked off shooting commercials. Zou Shiming and Yao Chen praised for ClimaCool breeze running shoes plus, even in the face of the challenges of running shoes were frozen and have not hesitated, and ultimately to develop their potentials to break the ice to take the shoes, and who wish to obtain a favorite running shoes. London Olympic Games, the most dazzling moments than took the medal on the podium moment! By then,

China's athletes who will be wearing clothing which stunning debut it? Yesterday, the Chinese Olympic Committee partner Anta was held in Beijing Chinese Olympic delegation in London Olympic strategy LingJiangFu naming and launch ceremony, the highly anticipated "champion Dragon suit" wearing a flag for the first time in the public eye.
http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/nike-mercurial-vapor-x-c-10_13/">nike mercurial vapor ix Let Xiamen public excitement, "Champion Dragon suit" turned out "Xiamen made." "Champion Long service" "Dragon taste" strong "Champion Dragon clothing birthplace in Tongan Anta first factory." Yesterday, Anta responsible person told reporters, obedience champion dragon design to development, production lasted 16 months.
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Fenshav » Total of 27 different directions draft design, design changes were
fenshav - 09 Mars 15 à 07h18 - fenshav
ANTA design team devised a total of 27 different directions draft design, design changes were up to 150 times the. And an award subject to garment http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/nike-magista-obra-fg-c-10_21/">nike magista obra fg fabrics need more than 20 days, the process involved in the production of about 80 workers, and involving 22 external suppliers. "The receiving awards in the creative and technological aspects of Chinese culture and strive to highlight the concept of environmental protection." Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANTA Shizhong Introducing the design concept that the Chinese are descendants of the dragon, 2012 is the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dragon, the company special The "Dragon" design elements into the receiving awards in the hope that "Dragon" spirit inspire Chinese athletes in London glory;

but also want to show the charm of traditional Chinese culture to the world through the "dragon suit." However, people want to see the true capacity champion dragon suits have to wait. Anta relevant responsible person said, this is mainly the naming ceremony, the end of June to early July, the winner will be officially Long service meet with the public. Anta Olympic marketing in addition to cost hundreds of millions of Chinese delegation to build equipment champion Long service award, the ANTA will open a series of Olympic marketing strategy. "Anta The China House and the Chinese Olympic Committee, established in close, the depth of cooperation."

The person in charge told reporters Anta Anta resources London Olympics will get the highest Chinese media. During the London Olympics, Anta will work with the Chinese Olympic Committee, held many athletes meet the media activities in China's home, providing a platform for
http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/nike-tiempo-legend-v-c-10_12/">nike mercurial superfly fg the exchange of media interviews and athletes. In addition, during the Olympics, Anta and CCTV Olympic Channel will carry out in-depth cooperation in the history of the largest, invested hundreds of millions of funds to promote integration, creating Olympic viewing environment. Moreover, Anta depth of cooperation with the International Olympic Committee will throughout the Olympic year.
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Fenshav » Extend the use of the Olympic Games flag to Anta Olympic Series
fenshav - 09 Mars 15 à 07h17 - fenshav
By then, Anta will extend the use of the Olympic Games flag to Anta Olympic Series merchandise. "Fujian-made" is not only equipped with a http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/adidas-11pro-trx-fg-c-10_16/">adidas 11pro trx fg multinational team Anta, yesterday, Fujian, another well-known sportswear brands --- 361 ° Beijing also demonstrated its design for the London Olympics series equipment. It is understood that, 361 ° of the "many" series of Olympic equipment, including multi-national Olympic Committee to accept the award and equipment, five Chinese national team's professional game equipment, part of the Olympic star exclusive equipment and CCTV equipment Olympic coverage group. In addition, as a strategic partner of CCTV sports channel, 361 ° will jointly CCTV sports channel,

especially around the 2012 Olympic Games in London to create a 361 ° "London Action" series of promotional programs, covering news, special programs, blocks implantation, Olympic During special events, etc., is the first launch of CCTV on the London Olympics, form the richest, most diverse content, the longest period of coverage projects. The Department of Fujian other sports brands, but also seize the opportunity to choose, look for some characteristics of the foreign legion sponsorship. Such as the Olympic delegation will provide multi-faceted professional equipment;

Erke agreement with the IOC Iran, South Africa, Uzbekistan and China to discuss IOC also underway; Jordan will be for Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia Three design teams receiving awards for the London
http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/adidas-predator-instinct-fg-c-10_18/">adidas predator instinct fg Olympics. Reform and opening up a gear turned up more than 30 years, to enhance the mission of the times change, and the vagaries of domestic and international macroeconomic situation head-on encounter. After the great tide of the international financial crisis, has withstood the severe test of Quanzhou, summarize and start thinking of the crisis warning and inspiration.
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Fenshav » But pay attention to the power of knowledge and technology,
fenshav - 09 Mars 15 à 07h16 - fenshav
There are many answers, but pay attention to the power of knowledge and technology, http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/toms-womens-classics-c-1/">cheap toms shoes technological progress and innovation play in response to the crisis in the role, is one of the essential experience. Needless to say, the transformation of economic development mode technology provides a powerful support. Back in 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao's trip to Anta pointed out: "Anta successfully transformed from a labor-intensive enterprises for technology-intensive enterprises, the 'Made in China' upgraded 'Made in China' to explore a road." This year, Fujian Quanzhou inspection, Wen Jiabao also that "we should be based on scientific and technological innovation, strengthen enterprise management, reduce overall costs and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

" changing market situation remains the same, motor development has not stalled. March 31, the provincial interior journal published exclusively "Anta Group achieved a technology-intensive enterprise transformation", Party Secretary Sun Chunlan, Governor Su Shulin made important instructions to summarize "Anta experience" to promote the traditional high-tech industrial applications technology to upgrade, strengthen independent innovation, transformation and upgrading. Inspiring horn caused widespread resonance government held summarize promote "Anta experience" on the spot,

all levels of government to mobilize the city's various departments and enterprises to promote learning "Anta Experience", with a http://www.airjordan3.uk.com/toms-mens-classics-c-6/">toms shoes mens
strong scientific and technological support to promote "Quanzhou" to " Quanzhou create "change. Now, with the government, "the opinions of '' about learning to promote" Anta experience (referred to as "innovation ten") The introduction of a complete "technology respondents' show in front of the world: Whether it is to promote corporate open innovation, to create energy efficient personnel environment, or is to strengthen research and development achievements, encourage enterprises to "micro-innovation" ...
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